#BossLiving U Launches With Special 'Pay- What- You- Can' Discount To 3 Aspiring Small Business Owners Press Release

Nashville, Tenn., July 2, 2015 - #BossLiiving University, a spin-off class, from the small business book #BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Starting Your Sustainable Small Business has just announced the first 'pay-what- you-can' discount to the first cohort of #BossLiving U.

“What better way to encourage small business ownership than offering this amazing hands-on and personal 8-week class to interested persons.,” said G.C. Denwiddie, the author of #BossLiving and one of the facilitators of #BossLiving U, an online, on-demand, multimedia small business accelerator.

#BossLiving U guides its attendees through an 8-week course of setting up their small business. With insights from expert small business owners and professionals, #BossLiving U is chock full of guided, necessary legwork needed to create a sustainable small business.

With more than one third of the American workforce taking up the call to small business ownership or #BossLiving, there is no better time to offer this course than now. "We look forward to reading the applications," said G.C. Denwiddie.

For more information about the course, visit http://www.bossliving.me/_bossliving_u.

About #BossLiving U

#BossLiving University is an 8-week, on-demand, online small business accelerator for those who want to own a small business. Every Monday multimedia content is delivered to attendees to be completed at their own pace. By the end of the course, attendees will be ready to launch their small business and also receive lifetime support in the private #BossLiving Membership Site. To apply, visit http://www.bossliving.me/apply.   

#BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Creating Your Sustainable, Small Business Press Release


CONTACT: G.C. Denwiddie, 731.616.5099

Email: gcdenwiddie@gmail.com


Millenial Authorpreneur Teaches Others About #BossLiving

“The #BossLiving call to small business ownership is a gift many may experience, but few choose to pursue, and even fewer are successful at sustaining. However, one thing is certain. When the #BossLiving call to small business ownership happens, you can’t ignore it. As a result, you have to make a decision as to whether you should answer that call or not.”

Nashville, TN, May 18, 2015 - #BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Starting Your Sustainable, Small Business, written by authorpreneur and small business owner G.C. Denwiddie, demystifies the process of starting a small business for those who want to join the whopping one third of the American workforce claiming more time and financial freedom by becoming small business entrepreneurs.

Featuring tested advice from successful, small business owners, such as Kendalyn Mckisick, one half to the duo behind that’s so RAW vegan catering company; Ashley Northington of Denor Public Relations; Michael Mapes, a dynamic intuitive business coach; Dr. Janet K. Walsh, the founder of Tea Tea and Company, Alexis Grant, digital strategist and authorpreneur, as well as Tara Seals, celebrity stylist and owner of Body Decor Boutique, #BossLiving is perfect for the person with no formal business training, but who has a knack for business. Denwiddie wrote the book based on a bevy of trial and error experiences she encountered when starting her first business, DigiSmartz, a virtual assistant membership site.

By the book’s end, #BossLiving guides readers to create the foundation of their small business. For those who want a more hands-on approach to launching their small business, they can enroll in #BossLiving University, a 12-week online course that primes enrollees for small business success with strategic help from small business experts. Interested persons can learn more about #BossLiving and #BossLiving U at bossliving.me.

An award- winning authorpreneur, Ms. Denwiddie’s entrepreneurial gifts and talents were honed in the quaint town of Jackson, Tennessee. After graduating from Fisk University, she spent a year in graduate school before returning to Nashville to become a member of The Ryman Lofts, Nashville's first downtown artist residency, as well as an inaugural member of Tiger Tank, The Nashville Business Incubator Center’s business program for young people. With a Creative Writing Master’s Degree from world-renown Lancaster University, this is her first published non-fiction book.

Denwiddie is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings, contact gcdenwiddie@gmail.com.

G.C. Denwiddie, #BossLiving author

G.C. Denwiddie Picture Link

G.C. Denwiddie Biography

Hustling candy to sugar-addicted, high schoolers as a middle schooler on the daily bus ride home was a good clue that G.C. Denwiddie would be a business owner. Happily leaving a graduate program to be a children’s authorpreneur, a.k.a., #BossWriter, and accidently starting DigiSmartz, a small business that sells business development resources to virtual assistants, confirmed her #BossLiving status.

A proud graduate of Fisk University and Lancaster University, G.C. Denwiddie is passionate about sharing the goodness of #BossLiving.

Learn how you too can practice #BossLiving at bossliving.me.

#BossLiving book by G.C. Denwiddie

#BossLiving Cover Link

#BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Starting Your Sustainable, Small Business Blurb

#BossLiving /bɑːs ˈlɪvɪŋ/

n 1. a sustainable, small business lifestyle crafted by an individual determined to be financially limitless with varying degrees of location-independence; #BossLiving requires its practitioners to maintain an unapologetic, passionate, strategic, persistent, and gleeful attitude about living their dream every day, whatever that looks like, even when others think they are crazy; totally attainable; opposite of a 9-5

v 1.  to plan and EXECUTE one’s #BossLiving dream; to not talk about it, but to be about it

#BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Starting Your Sustainable, Small Business guides the budding business owner through the steps of small business ownership. This book helps people with #BossLiving dreams refine and EXECUTE their small business ideas with realistic, actionable steps.

After reading this book, #BossLiving practitioners will learn how to

  • Determine the value of their #BossLiving idea,
  • Develop a simple, yet, effective #BossLiving business plan,
  • Parade their #BossLiving business in front of the right people,
  • Implement the best #BossLiving lifestyle practices of small business ownership, as well as,
  • Manage their #BossLiving finances by budgeting, saving, and investing, plus many more jewels of wisdom!

With insightful advice from successful small business owners, #BossLiving will show you how fantastic it is to live like a boss.

Excerpt From #BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Creating Your Sustainable, Small Business

Chapter 1

Listening To The #BossLiving Call

The #BossLiving call to small business ownership is a gift many may experience, but few choose to pursue, and even fewer are successful at sustaining. However, one thing is certain. When the #BossLiving call to small business ownership happens, you can’t ignore it. As a result, you have to make a decision as to whether you should answer that call or not.

If you’re reading this book, you have most likely experienced this call or are in the midst of the call right now. So, how do you know if the #BossLiving call to small business ownership is happening to you or if you’re experiencing some other random, life epiphany? A major hint that you might be in the throes of the #BossLiving call to small business ownership is if you begin to notice a drastic shift in your self-talk.

You start asking yourself things like “Why am I working to make someone else rich?” or “I’d love to start my own business.” or my personal favorite: “There has to be better way than getting up and going to a 9-5.” If your self-talk reflects that you’re not happy with how you spend your days and you know launching a small business will give you the financial and time freedom you desire, you might be experiencing the call.

Sometimes the #BossLiving call to small business ownership happens by force. Losing a job or desperately needing extra income are examples of answering the #BossLiving call to small business ownership by force. In these instances, the necessity of a cash flow would cause you to turn to small business ownership as a means of creating income.

Others answer the #BossLiving call to small business ownership by choice. In this case, the person answering the call already has a consistent money flow, so they have the luxury of strategically planning a small business launch until they can dedicate all their time to their small business. In other words, to answer the call by choice is a much more gradual shift to small business ownership compared to answering that call by force.  

Whatever your reason for answering the #BossLiving call to small business ownership, I’m happy you have made the decision to become a small business owner. I think you will find your #BossLiving lifestyle very fulfilling, but before you you leap into small business ownership, there are a few things you need to consider.  

Most people think starting and owning a small business is like having a job. It’s not. Once you become a small business owner, your business is intimately intertwined with your personal life. As a small business owner, you are always on call. Whenever, extra works needs to be done for your business, you might have to forego watching your favorite TV show to see that the work is completed. If a customer has a complaint, you are in charge of assuaging their concerns. If a virus attacks your site, who will be in charge of fixing the website or finding someone who can fix it? Yup, that’s you, the boss.

On the other hand, you also receive the perks of being the boss. You can make as much money as you want to and create your own schedule. You can work on the beach or on a mountaintop. As the boss, you can work when you want, where you want, and how you want.

When you are a small business owner, or boss, there is always a blurry line between knowing when to wear your boss hat and when to wear your personal life hat. Answering the #Bossliving call charges you with figuring out the balance of being a boss and maintaining the personal lifestyle you want. The entire purpose of this book is to help you craft the most perfect, efficient #BossLiving lifestyle for you.

So, cut and dry, what does #BossLiving really mean?

#BossLiving simply means starting your business and running it so that it is complementary to your business and personal needs.