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When I first decided I wanted to own a small business, I couldn’t find a book that provided a simple summation of what it meant to be a small business owner.

All the books I found were either too dry, confusing, boring, theoretical or plain ol’ overwhelming.

I wanted a quick, easy read with real life examples from successful small business owners that would show how a person with no formal business background experience, like me, could be a small business owner, too.

Unfortunately, a lot of the business books I read weren't cutting it.

However, they did paint a somewhat vague picture of what it meant to go into business for myself.

Thus, armed with my new found business knowledge, I started a boutique virtual assistant firm, DigiSmartz. Through this process, I learned a lot and helped a lot of people. Ultimately, I ended DigiSmartz and used what I learned to focus on my authorpreneuring.

One day, on a sunny afternoon, I thought about how much easier my #BossLiving journey would have been had I been equipped with a better idea of what small business ownership actually looked like.

What if I could help aspiring small business owners by sharing what I wished I would have known in the beginning of my small business journey?

With Toni Morrison's advice, 'Write the book you want to read.' ringing in my ears, the #BossLiving book was born, as well as #BossLiving University, a course designed to help you launch your business in a day!

I'm so thankful you've stopped by, and I hope #BossLiving has been helpful to you.

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