#BossLiving /bɑːs ˈlɪvɪŋ/

n 1. a sustainable, small business lifestyle crafted by an individual determined to be financially limitless with varying degrees of location-independence; #BossLiving requires its practitioners to maintain an unapologetic, passionate, strategic, persistent, and gleeful attitude about living their dream every day, whatever that looks like, even when others think they are crazy; totally attainable; opposite of a 9-5

v 1. to plan and EXECUTE one’s #BossLiving dream; to not talk about it, but to be about it

#BossLiving: A Practical Guide To Starting Your Sustainable, Small Business guides the budding business owner through the steps of small business ownership. This book helps people with #BossLiving dreams refine and EXECUTE their small business ideas with realistic, actionable steps.#BossLiving book by G.C. Denwiddie

After reading this book, #BossLiving practitioners will learn how to...

1) Measure the value of their #BossLiving idea,

2) Develop a simple, yet, effective #BossLiving business plan,

3) Parade their #BossLiving business in front of the right people,

4) Implement the best #BossLiving lifestyle practices of small business ownership, as well as,

5) Manage their #BossLiving finances by budgeting, saving, and investing, plus many more jewels of wisdom!

With insightful case studies from successful small business owners, #BossLiving will show you how fantastic it is to live like a boss.

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